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Division of Argiculture


Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering
203 Engineering Hall
1 University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone: (479) 575-2352 
Fax: (479) 575-2846

Haggard, Brian E.

Haggard, Brian E.

Dr. Brian E. Haggard

Director and Professor, Arkansas Water Resources Center
Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Office: ENGR 203
Phone: (479) 575-2879


B.S. University of Missouri – Rolla Life Sciences 1994

M.S. University of Arkansas Environmental Soil and Water Science 1997

Ph.D. Oklahoma State University Biosystems Engineering 2000

Teaching and Research

University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department, Professor, 2011–Present

University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department, Associate Professor, 2006–2011

University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Division of Agriculture, Arkansas Water Resources Center, Director, 2008–Present

Selected Publications

1. Haggard, B.E., Stanley, E.H., and Hyler, R. 1999. Sediment-phosphorus relationships in three north central Oklahoma streams. Transactions of American Society of Agricultural Engineers 42(6):1709-1714.

2. Haggard, B.E., Stanley, E.H., and Storm, D.E. 2005. Nutrient retention in a point source enriched stream. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 24:29-47.

3. Haggard, B.E., Galloway, J.M., W.R. Green, and M.T. Meyers. 2006. Pharmaceuticals and other organic chemicals in selected north-central and northwest Arkansas streams. Journal of Environmental Quality 35: 1078-1087.

4. Haggard, B.E., and Soerens, T.S. 2006. Sediment phosphorus release at a small impoundment on the Illinois River, Arkansas and Oklahoma, USA. Ecological Engineering 28(3): 280-287.

5. Haggard, B.E., and Bartsch, L.D. 2009. Net changes in antibiotic concentrations downstream from an effluent discharge. Journal of Environmental Quality 38: 343-352.

6. Haggard, B.E. 2010. Phosphorus concentrations, loads and sources at the Illinois River, Arkansas, 1997–2008. Journal of Environmental Quality 39:2113-2120

7. Haggard, B.E., Scott, J.T., and Patterson, S. 2012. Sediment phosphorus flux in an Oklahoma reservoir suggests reconsideration of watershed management planning. Lake and Reservoir Management 28(1):59-69.

8. Haggard, B.E., Scott, J.T., and Longing, S.D. 2013. Sestonic chlorophyll-a shows hierarchical structure and thresholds with nutrients across the Red River Basin, USA. Journal of Environmental Quality 42(2):437-445.

9. Jarvie, H.P., Sharpley, A.N., Scott, J.T., Haggard, B.E., Bowes, M.J., and Massey, L.B. 2012. Within-river phosphorus retention: a missing piece in the watershed puzzle? Environmental Science and Technology 46:13284-13292.